Through her imaginative Noonimals characters, Author and Illustrator Dalandra Young promotes to children that they can do, be and have anything they want in life if they believe.  Creating her characters and books has been a labor of love for Dalandra, who has also pushed through hardships to achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a successful character creator and writer. On November 12, 2019, Noonimals – First Day of School hit #1 on the International Best Sellers list. It was a proud moment that Dalandra will never forget, but also one that validates her considerable talents nearly 33 years after creating her very first character, Dopy Dog!


Born January 20, 1973 in Newark N.J., Dalandra conceived Dopy Dog when she was just 14 years old and continued to draw him, along with 8 other characters created in her early 20s—all called Noonimals—for years to come. The name “Noonimals” originates from Dalandra’s nickname as a baby, which was Nooni.


Dalandra attended Arts High School in Newark for a short time before graduating from East Side High School. Even while working through everyday struggles of life and eventually raising children on her own, Dalandra never gave up on her dream for her Noonimals characters. When time allowed, she continued to revisit her characters and work on crafting new stories. Dalandra taught herself graphic design and digital art programs that allowed her to continually develop her characters—making them even more vibrant and attractive.


Dalandra landed her first publishing deal with a small Belgium company whose owner was forced, due to illness, to release Dalandra from her contract before the book could go public. Despite disappointment, she moved forward determined to be successful with her creativity.


After studying the Law of Attraction, Dalandra had a great idea to use her characters to teach children through imagination and adventure how to create their own reality using 7 steps that completely changed her life. Believing and knowing that they can do, be, and have anything they want is of paramount importance in achieving their true desires in life.


Thrilled by the positive reception her work has received, Dalandra took a year to turn each of her characters into 3D and looks forward to introducing many more new and wonderful books featuring the Noonimals.