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In this motivating and inspirational children’s book, take a journey to the Land of the Noonimals! Five friends that are battling their own insecurities have a sleepover that they will never forget! On this journey within the imagination, the children are introduced to the Law of Attraction. They meet an amazing new breed of characters that offer them reinforcement and seven incredible steps in creating their own reality. Believing and knowing that they can do, be, and have anything they want is of paramount importance in achieving their true desires in life. 

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New Thought

    The Law Of Attraction

For Children

Trust In The Universe

Learn 7 Steps To Create Your Own Reality

“As an educator, it blows my mind how such a remarkable book like this one comes along
and changes our paradigms instantly. Noominals – BELIEVE is an omnipotent teaching tool
for every family and classroom across the globe. Dalandra Young educates, entertains, and
captures her young audience through lessons in each individual story. Her illustrations create
a 3D vortex that makes me feel like I am inside the story with all the characters. This book is
an educator’s dream. A must-have for every classroom.”
~ Pashmina P.
International Best-Selling Author of The Cappuccino Chronicles Trilogy and
What is a Gupsey?

M.Ed International Teaching, Framingham State University
Marketing Director, Hasmark Publishing International


“Dalandra Young’s captivating children’s book, BELIEVE, takes children on a journey to the land of imagination where they meet the wise and wonderful “Noonimals.” These imaginary animals with rainbow-colored hair teach the children about the Law of Attraction and help them solve some difficult situations they face in real life. It is a must-read book for teaching kids about the importance of how our thoughts and feelings affect our daily lives.”

~ Joanette Weisse, MD 

International Best-Selling Author 

Giggles in My Heart



“Noonimals – BELIEVE is a book that gives each child, educator, and parent transportation into
a realm that teaches us about the power of manifestation and belief. Each section of the story
spotlights how resolution, transformation, and communication are key elements in receiving
what is ours. Dalandra Young is a poignant writer with a vision for greatness. A must-read!”
~ Judy O’Beirn

Founder and President of Hasmark Publishing International
International Best-Selling Author of the Unwavering Strength Series


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Noonimals - First Day of School

#1 International Best Seller

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Michelle's worst fears came true the morning of her first day of school. She was afraid to start something new and wondered if her classmates would like her.

Join Michelle as she journey into another dimension called "The Land of Noonimals." Here an exciting new breed of characters teaches heer through adventure, how much fun school can be.